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Product Specification

Monopotassium phosphateis used for top dressing application, usually by spraying on the leaf surface. Spraying on the leaf is a kind of auxiliary measures of fertilizer application, it's usually applied at the the middle and later periods of the crop growth, spraying in time, can receive better effect.

The product is easy to dissolve in water, fast dissolution, with high purity, good absorption, quick results.Used in vegetable, melon and fruit, flowers and plants, fruit trees and other plants, can quickly supplement phosphorus and potassium nutrients, can significantly improve the photosynthesis of crops, stem and roots development after use.
KH2PO4 Content ≥98%
Water Soluble: 100%
Net Weight: 20g
- Great Source of Water Soluble Potassium and Phosphate.
- It Helps With Roots Strength, Buds, and Blooms.

How To Use?
- Fits for grain crop, vegetable, fruit, industrial crop, etc.
- Spray 2~3 times in the middle and later periods of crop growth.
- Each spray interval is 7-10 Days.
- The concentration of fertilizer solution is 0.1-0.6% according to different crop types and growth period.
- The amount of spray solution per mu is 50-70kg.
Package Included:
1 x 20g Monopotassium Phosphate