10x10ft Fish Pool Pond Liner Membrane Culture Film For Composite Geomembrane Sewage Treatment Anti-seepage Geomembrane for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Color: Black
Thickness: 30S 
Material: HDPE
Size: 10x10ft
Fit for: Dianchi fish pond culture film, Composite geomembrane, Sewage treatment anti-seepage geomembrane, etc.

√ Robust, 0.1mm thick pond liner.
√ Extremely long service life, durable and repairable.
√ Highly resistant to weathering and root development.
√ Non-toxic, environmentally friendly & UV/Rot resistant.

Excellent performance:
1 Excellent chemical resistance (corrosion resistance);
2 outstanding resistance to stress cracking (resistant to environmental stress cracking);
3 lowest permeability;
4 excellent UV resistance;
5 stable low temperature verticalization performance;

Use range:
1. Environmental sanitation projects (such as domestic garbage landfills, sewage treatment plants, toxic and hazardous waste treatment plants, dangerous goods warehouses, factories, etc.)
2. Hydraulic civil engineering (impervious seepage, plugging, reinforcement, seepage prevention, vertical core wall, slope protection, etc.) of Hehu Reservoir
3. Municipal engineering (subway, underground construction of buildings and roof reservoirs, roof garden impervious, sewage pipeline lining, etc.)
4. Landscaping (Pool backings for artificial lakes, ponds, golf courses, slope protection, etc.)
5. Petrochemical (chemical plant, refinery oil storage tank anti-seepage and anti-fouling, chemical reaction tank, lining of sedimentation tank, secondary lining)
6. Mining (washing pools, heap leaching tanks, ash dumps, tailings dam anti-seepage and anti-pollution, etc.)
7. Transportation facilities engineering (basic reinforcement of roads, impervious culverts)
8. Agriculture (reservoir, drinking water pool, reservoir, seepage control of irrigation system)
9. Aquaculture (fish ponds, lining of shrimp ponds, etc.)
10. Polluting enterprises (phosphorus enterprises, sugar factories, etc.)

Package Included:
1 X Fish Pool Pond Liner Membrane