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Product Specification

1-100Gallon Potato Planting Bag Pot Planter Growing Garden Vegetable Container

Features :
√ Sturdy Thickened Fabric: made of 300gsm non-woven fabric, thickness up to 1.5mm, pulling up to 120N, and longevity up to 5 years
√ High Permeability: Water permeability is 2-3mm/s, which means the pots will not retain excess water. The plant roots will have a good breath and translate healthier growth to the plants.
√ The auto air-prune feature of this unique fabric plant grow bags ensures roots do not get tangled, allowing for more surface area for water and mineral absorption.
√ Fabric grow bags allow roots to breathe and grow healthier, boosts plant growth and yields.
√ Unique material of the grow bags makes the plants inside can breath and grow in a healthy and vigorous way by draining excess water through this nonwoven fabric.
√ Reinforced handles with sturdy material make these plant grow bag easy to move when filled with soil.

Product size :
1Gallon:Φ18x15cm (without handle)
2Gallon:Φ20x20cm (without handle)
3Gallon:Φ25x22cm (without handle)

Package included :
1x Plant Grow Bag

More details :