Desktop Extension Board Modern Carbon Fiber Veneer Punch-Free Computer Laptop Desk Extension Lengthening Widening Folding Board Keyboard Hand Rest for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


【Horizontal Alignment Desk Extender】No need to use it under the desk tray, it is comfortable to rest your arm, keyboard and mouse, it would be more comfortable for typing.
【Ergonomic Space-Saving Table Extender】Can be folded to hide under the desk when not in use to save space, the large and wide tray measures 25.2 "x 9.45", it can be with more space when you use the extension tray.
【Ergonomic Design】It can effectively solve the problem of the head tilted forward and relieve neck pain and fatigue. This extra wide tray is designed to align with the desk to reduce radiation from the computer, allows the eyes to stay at an ideal distance from the monitor.
【FITS MOST DESKS】The desktop keyboard tray fits most desks over 30 inches (most desks). Unlike other keyboard trays that REQUIRE a thickness of 1.5 inches or less, our tray does not have a minimum and can be extended up to 3.14 inches thick to serve most types of tables and desks.


Product Name: Desktop Extension Board
Material: environmentally friendly MDF/multi-layer solid wood board
Color: carbon fiber veneer
Weight: 3KG
Purpose: widening the desktop


Package Included:

 1 x Desktop Extension Board