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Product Specification


Color: black, white

Weight: 2.85kg

Product load: 25kg

Applicable scenarios: office, home desk, etc.

Applicable people: Internet users, white-collar workers, game lovers, etc.

Dimensions: (length) x (width) 65 x 23 cm / 25.6 x 10 inches (approximately)


â ¢Large size. The 65 x 23 cm wide desktop can effectively expand the narrow table.

â ¢Folding storage. Gently press the button with both hands to fold the 90Âdegres storage table without taking up space.

â ¢Easy to install. Snap-in installation is convenient and quick.

â ¢Strong bearing capacity. It can bear a weight of 25kg and is stable without shaking.

â ¢Stable structure. The combination of metal and wood, high-quality materials, durable.

Package Included:

1 x desktop extender