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Keyboard Drawers Platforms

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Product Specification


1. This product is designed for a single-layer standing desk converter that doesn't have a keyboard tray and to cover the shortage of it. Enough space to hold a keyboard and mouse you are the distributor of single layer standing desk, we believe our keyboard tray will be your good option to cover your blank spot.

2. Because of the weak range of gas springs, the weight of the table is pretty unstable when the height is 10-15cm. The height of our keyboard holder is just 16cm, which can support the table at this height.

3. Suitable for 0-5cm thickness panel can also be used in a height-adjustable desk or regular desk .solve the situation that sometimes the tabletop is not big enough. Flexible, portable, and easy installation and disassemble

4. Polished smooth clamping to prevent scratching the desktop. Bigger base clamping will be more stable and not easy to slide when you fixed it on the top.


Product Type: Keyboard Support

Material: Plastic

Size: 66x24.5cm

Height: 14cm

Weight: 3kg

Package Included:

1 x Keyboard Stand