Chairside Clamping Bracket Laptop Notebook Stand Ergonomic Universal Lifting Swivel Chair Leg Fixed Multi Functional Keyboard Mouse Stand Tray for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification

-Model: 45CM Keyboard holder +shoe shape mouse drag
-Style: Foldable
-weight: 3.2kg
-Color: Blak, Silver Gray

-The best installation settings for video games or long working hours save you back pain
-Turn comfortable chairs into the most efficient office or entertainment center for video games or watching movies or on any laptop tablet.
-This item can be mounted on a cylinder or column on a chair (up to 1.96 inch diagonal thickness) to keep your laptop / keyboard / mouse in the most comfortable position or angle.
-Let you play the most healthy and comfortable position when working, playing games or watching movies in the chair.
-Mouse pad tray can be fixed on your chair

Package includes:
-1 x Computor keyboard mouse holder