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Jewelry Scale

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Product Specification


Product Name: tool
This calibration weight set contains: 1x 100g, 1x 50g, 2x 20g, 1x 10g, 1x 5g, 2x2g, 1x 1g, 1x500g, 1x200mg, 1x 100mg, 1x 50mg, 2x 20mg, 1x 10mg
Permissible error: +/- 0.003g

Material: #45 steel
Weight color: silver (as shown in the picture)

Package Includs:

1 x 100g Calibration Weight
1 x 50g Calibration Weight 
2 x 20g Calibration Weights 
1 x 10g Calibration Weight
1 x 5g Calibration Weight
2 x 2g Calibration Weights
1 x 1g Calibration Weight
1 x 500mgCalibration Weight
2 x 200mg Calibration Weights
1 x 100mg Calibration Weight
1 x 50mg Calibration Weight
2 x 20mg Calibration Weights
1 x 10mg Calibration Weight

Packing list:

1 x 17Pcs Calibration Weight
1 x Plastic Storage Case
1 x Tweezer

Detail Pictures: