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Product Specification

Name: 5.5KW 380V Frequency Converter
Model: 5.5G3-380V
Color: as pictures
Application range: Universal 
Power supply phase: 3-phase
Rated current: 12.6A 
Rated voltage: AC380V(3-phase)
Power supply voltage: Low voltage 
Suitable motor power: 5.5 KW 
Suitable motor type: for 3-phase Motor 
Filter: No 
DC power supply: Current type 
Control method: V/F open loop 
Output voltage adjustable method: PWM control 
Size: Approx. 212 x 95 x 151mm
Quantity: 1pc 

1. Sophisticated motherboard
Intelligent and efficient, protection performance is very strong and complete. All internal components are designed with patch, which greatly increases performance stability

2. Flame retardant plastics
Industrial flame retardant ABS plastic has high impact resistance, high heat resistance, strong flame retardancy and good comprehensive performance

3. Humanized keyboard
Digital display, easy to operate, simple and clear

Package List:
1 x Variable Frequency Drive
1 x Manual