DN 998 LCD Digital Infrared Thermometer Non contact Thermometer for Body Temperature Measurement for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Infrared Thermometer

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Product Specification


● Non-contact measurement.
● Two temperature measurement mode: °C/°F
●Fast measurement, LCD display measurement results, clear and easy to read, 1 second measurement, timing can read the results
● The large-screen backlight display prompts the mother to easily determine whether the baby's temperature is normal.
●One-button measurement, mute temperature measurement, backlight display, fever warning.
● Infrared temperature measurement is safe and fast. It adopts passive infrared temperature measurement technology, which is safe for 1 seconds without radiation, and avoids contact with the baby's skin, causing bacterial infection.


- Color: Blue
- Measuring distance: 3cm- 5cm(1.18-1.97inch)
- Measurement accuracy: ±0.2°C/0.4°F
- Display exact digits: 0.1°C/°F)
- Operating ambient temperature: 10-40°C(50°F-104°F)
- Automatic shutdown: about 20 seconds
- Measurement time: 1 seconds
- Battery: 2*AAA (batteries are not included)
- Use times: more than 100,000 keys
- Measurement range: 35°C-42°C

CE Certificate

Package Includes:

1 X Infrared Thermometer
1 X Manual

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