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Product Specification

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Diving Oxygen Cylinder
Capacity: 0.5L/500ML
Material: Aviation Aluminum
Color: Green
Air capacity: 3.0 Cu.Ft / 85 Litters
Max. pressure: 3000PSI / 200bar / 20MPa
Number Of Breaths: 170 Times
Available Time: 5-10min(Depending on the water layer)
Max. dwell time underwater: 10mins
Size: Approx.36.3x6cm/14.29x2.36"

Manual Inflator Pump(First Generation)
Color: Black
Material: Stainless Steel + Aluminum
Type: Manual Pump
Air Pressure: 30MPA
Height: Approx.63cm/24.81in
Features: can use it to inflate the 0.5L mini oxygen bottle directly

Diving Storage Bag(Handbag)
Color: Black
Material: PUC High Elastic Fabric
Size: Approx.66x39cm/25.98x15.35in
Features: Large capacity-for storing diving equipment,such as oxygen cylinders, pumps, diving glasses,etc.

Scuba Adapter
Material: ABS+Metal
Size: Approx.15.5×4.9×1.9cm(6.1x1.92x0.74")
Features: Connect the respirator and the large bottle of oxygen cylinder, and deliver the gas in the oxygen cylinder to the respirator, which is convenient and efficient. Open the pressure relief valve after inflation.

Diving Glasses
Color: Green
Gender: Unisex 
Material: Silicone & Glass
Applicable Age: Adult 
Occasion: Swimming, Diving
Length:Approx.15.5cm (6.10")


Diving for entertainment,Diving for training
Spare tank diving air

Inflateble Way:

1.The Big Oxygen Bottle (Not included) Inflates It 
2.The Electric Inflate Pump (Not included) Inflates It 
3.Manual Hand Pump To Inflate It


- Compact portable lightweight ,easy to carry.
- Breathe underwater diving  with total freedom.
- Supports 3 types of inflation.
- Made of  aviation aluminum material and meets manufacturing standards of diving equipment.
-Diving storage bag can Folding & washable,Dries quickly,the fabric is breathable.


Do not use this article before reading and understanding the instructions and notes.

1. This product is suitable for recreational diving within 10m. Do not attempt to use it as an air supply in deep water.
2. This product can be used as a backup air source for recreational diving within 30 meters.
3. This product is suitable for waters above 10℃ Celsius.
4.Inflate the product before use and check for damage or leakage. Never use items that are damaged, leaking or showing signs of performance error.
5. The maximum filling pressure of this product is 3000 PSI or 200bar,And can only fill the compressed air that the human body breathes.Gases with oxygen content greater than 40% cannot be used. 
6.Keep the product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.Do not store in a car trunk or high temperature, or put it in fire.
7. After filling the air, the pressure must be released first.
8. When the gauge pointer reaches the red area, please rise to the surface, inflate again to use.
9.Emergency equipment must be used in an emergency. This product does not provide protection in the event of danger.
10. When using for the first time, please practice in shallow water.

Package Included:

1 x Oxygen Cylinder 
1 x Inflator Pump (First Generation)
1 x Handbag
1 x Scuba Adapter
2 x User Manual
1 x Diving Glasses
1 Set Accessories


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- Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color  maybe slightly different from the pictures. Please understand.
- Please allow 0.5-1 inch difference due to manual.