Portable Non contact Infrared Thermometer Plug in Smart Phone Thermometer For Apple/Android/Xiaomi/Huawei Mobile Phone

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Product Specification

-- Accurate measurement: built-in smart thermopile sensor, temperature measurement through accurate recognition of the human body surface.
-- Easy operation: Aim at the center of the forehead, 1 second quick measurement, accurate to 0.1 degree
-- Convenient reading: OLED large screen display, the high-brightness font is convenient for the elderly to view.
-- No burden to carry: The cell phone thermometer is small and light, convenient to carry and temperature measurement at any time.
-- Higher precision: Increase distance , room temperature and ambient temperature compensation sensors.
-- High safety performance: The product supports non-contact measurement, which greatly improves safety.

Name: Mini Smart Thermometer
Working environment: 5-45degresC
Temperature measurement distance: 2cm- 8cm
Temperature measurement range: 34-45degresC
Temperature measurement accuracy: within the range of 34-42degresCmore or less0.2degresC, other ranges 0.3degresC

Over-temperature alarm point:
When measuring body temperature <37.3degresC, one sound 
When measuring body temperature 37 3degresC-37.7degresC, 2 beeps
When measuring body temperature>37.7degresC, 3 beeps

Fahrenheit and Celsius: Press the button once to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius
Mode switching: Press the button twice to switch between body temperature mode and surface temperature mode

Temperature resolution: 0.1degresC
Working voltage: DC 3.7V-4.2V
Temperature measurement response time: <1s
Temperature unit: degresC/F.
Product size: 50X22X14.5mm
Storage and transportation environment: -20degresC-55degresC RH≤85%.
Support interface type: Apple Type-C Micro-USB
(Mobile phone needs to support 0TG function)

Package Included:
1xInfrared Thermometer

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