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Product Specification

  Main Features:
  - Professional medical technology. Medical grade accuracy

  - 3 modes, free switching. Cycle monitoring, timing measurement, Routine blood pressure test.

  - 24h dynamic monitoring. Detect occult hypertension in time

  - High voltage warning. Remotely monitor family members' blood pressure. Support the creation of 10 family members, respectively record the blood pressure changes of different people

  - Professional AI report. In-depth understanding of more than 20 blood pressure parameters

  - 7 days long lasting. Built in large capacity lithium battery, can continuously measure 50 + times, 7 days long lasting.

  - Smart timing measurement. Avoid forgetting to test

  - Measure with your hand. Measure blood pressure anytime, anywhere


  Brand: Hipee (Xiaomi ecological chain)

  Name: Smart Blood Pressure Watch

  Model: WF1610B


  Measuring range

  Blood pressure: 0mmHg- 280mmHg

  Pulse: 40 bpm- 180 bpm


  Pressure indication error

  Static pressure: maximum error Âmore or less 3mmHg

  Pulse: Âmore or less 5%


  Power supply: Lithium battery 3.7V

  Charging time: about 1 hour


  Use temperature and humidity

  Temperature: +5ÂdegresC-+40ÂdegresC

  Relative humidity: 15%-93%


  Transportation and storage temperature and humidity

  Temperature: -20ÂdegresC-+60ÂdegresC

  Relative humidity: 10%-95%


  Package Contents

  1X Host

  1X Charging cable

  1X Manual

  1X User Guide



1. Do not use for purposes other than measuring human blood pressure;

2. This device is not suitable for newborns, infants and people who cannot express their thoughts should not use it;

3. Patients suffering from severe blood circulation disorders and blood diseases, please use it under the guidance of a doctor. When the airbag is over-inflated for a long time, it may cause congestion, redness and swelling of the arm at the measurement site;

4. Do not replace the original wristband or replace the original parts, which may cause measurement errors;

5. Do not use this product in strong electromagnetic fields;