XIAOMI Mi Laser Cinema Flexible Anti light Screen 100 inch Aluminum Alloy PET Projector Screen for Mi Laser Cinema 2 Mi 4K UHD Laser Smart TV Home Theater System for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Home Theatre System

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Product Specification


The segmented assembly frame makes the installation of the anti-light giant screen twice the result with half the effort. The 2.2m long anti-light screen frame is divided into two, which greatly reduces the difficulty of handling and makes it easy for the giant screen to enter the home.

Flexible Fresnel anti-light screen, multiple technological innovations. The 8-layer optical precision structure and the back layer frosted coating effectively eliminate the specular reflection effect of ambient light on the screen.

Environmental obscuration rate> 85%. The Fresnel prism structure effectively shields the ambient light on three sides except the light projected by the laser TV below, so that the ambient light shielding rate is >85%. Even under fluorescent lamps and ambient light, the projected image quality is still clear and outstanding.

The 0.5mm flexible diaphragm makes the 100-inch large canvas easy to carry

98.2% screen-to-body ratio, infinitely exciting and fully presented. The 100-inch gray screen with 9mm metal anodized frame gives the overall visual effect without borders, and the 98.2% screen-to-body ratio makes the wonderful picture fully presented.

The metal frame is easy to maintain, stable and durable. The outer layer of the panel adopts anti-scratch design, which is easy to clean and maintain; the aluminum alloy frame makes the flexible screen more flat and stable.

Product name: Xiaomi Laser Cinema flexible anti-light screen

Product model: XMRXKGP01FM

Product color: black

Product material: aluminum alloy, PET

Net weight: 12.4kg

Gross weight: 22.8kg

Display size: 2214 x 1245mm

Product size: 2232 x 1263 x 25mm

Outer packaging size: 1660 x 415 x245mm

Projection ratio: 126:9

Gain: >=1.0

Ambient light shielding rate: >=85%

Installation Precautions:

The flexible screen needs to be perforated and fixed on the wall for installation, and the wall load is recommended to be above 13kg.

Package Included:

1 x Mi Laser Cinema Flexible Anti-light Screen

4 x Border

1 x Installation Kit

1 x User Manual