Sunbuck AV MP326BT 220V 800W 4 ohm 2CH EQ bluetooth Stereo Amplifier Support USB Disk SD Card for Sale with BTC on


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Home Theatre System

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Product Specification

Support 4 way microphone input
LED display
2 tack output With EQ
Reverberation, fine tuning, balance, SD, USB interface.
Voltage: 220V - 240V 50/60Hz
Rated power(RMS): 200W + 200W
Max Power:400W+400W
Standard impedance: 4 to 16ohm
Frequency response: 20KH - 20KHz (+ 3dB)
S/N:≥ 90dB
Distortion: ≤ 0.5%
Signal input sensitivity: 200mV (+ 30mV)
Microphone input sensitivity: 9 MV (+ 2mV)
The recording output level: 1V
The auxiliary output level: 1V
Type of power amplifier: AV power amplifier
Vocal tract: 2 vocal tract
Support:USB Disk/Max 64GB SD Card(Not included)
Package Included:
1 x Amplifier
1 x Remote Control