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Home Theatre System

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Product Specification

Far away, receiving distance up to 100 meters
The V segment is anti-jamming, using the professional V segment frequency band
Dual microphone without interference, no noise, suitable for many people to sing
Wireless microphone, singing more convenient, full of timbre
Plastic shell, showing the appearance of texture, lightweight, anti falling, no static
Heat treatment technology metal mesh head, prevent from falling, no distortion, built-in high efficiency filtration sponge, effective filtering noise
VRX noise reduction chip, automatic identification of ambient noise and removal of noise
Low consumption alkaline battery power supply design, environmental protection and energy saving
6.35 professional audio plugs, can connect all kinds of audio, computer and so on
Application: Stage, KTV, Family, Conference Presentation, etc.
Material: Plastic
Sound Path: 2.1
Type: Wireless 306
Use Time: 6-8h
Voltage: 9V (2 x Alkaline Battery)
Weight: approx. 300g
Transmitting Power: 10mW
Size: approx. 25 x 5.5 x 3cm
Comprehensive index parameters:
Frequency stability: + 0.005%
Temperature range: -10 degree C +50 degree C
Maximum frequency: + 15KHz
Dynamic range: 110dB
Signal to noise ratio: >110dB
Harmonic distortion: <0.5%
Frequency response: 50Hz-18KHz
Receiver parameters:
Usage: 100M
Sensitivity: 4uV/45dB
False interference ratio: >80dB
Audio output: independent: 0-250mV/10K
Supply voltage: DC16-20V 250mA
Size: 40cm x 20.7cm x 4.4cm
Wireless receiver:
Optional frequency range: 640MHz--700.55MHz
Number of tunable channels: 200CH
Adjustable channel frequency interval: 50KHz
Frequency oscillation mode: PLL phase locked frequency synthesis
Practical sensitivity input: 6dBuV--10dBuV, S/N>80dB
RF stability: + 0.005% (-10 ~ 50 C)
Maximum deviation: + 3KHz
Signal to noise ratio: >105dB (1KHz-A)
Synthesis: T.H.D <0.5%@1KH
Maximum output voltage: 12dBV ~ 15dBv
Audio output impedance: 2.2K
Audio output interface: Unbalance TRS 6.3mm Socket
Receiving mode: CPU control selection + identification receiving.
Mute mode: Mute & Lock Loop Circuit
Display mode: LCD + LED
Power supply: 12V DC 1.25A
Handheld transmitter:
Optional frequency range: 640MHz--70.55MHz
Optional frequency bandwidth: 30MHz
Number of tunable channels: 500CH
Adjustable channel frequency interval: 50KHz
Frequency response: 50Hz ~ 18KHz
Frequency oscillation mode PLL phase locked frequency synthesis
Transmit mode CPU control carrier generation + identification code generation
Output power is less than 50mW
Harmonic emission <-60dBc
Maximum deviation + 3KHz
Maximum output pressure 140dB SPL
Display mode LCD + multi color backlight screen
Moving coil type large dynamic high fidelity original microphone core
Use battery Ni MH rechargeable battery
Transmitter indicators:
Antenna: built-in
Output power: < 10mW
Stray suppression: -60dB
Package Included:
2 x Wireless Microphone Speaker
2 x Battery
1 x Receiver
1 x Audio Line