HY 6120HD 750W bluetooth Speaker 3D Surround 5 1CH DTS Home Theatre Wooden Soundbar for Xiaomi TV Echos Wall TV Karaoke Speakers Fiber Coaxial AC 3 USB AUX TV Soeaker for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Home Theatre System

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Product Specification


Product type: HD 5.1 integrated home theater

Input voltage/frequency: AC110-240V 50/60Hz

Rated power: 150W

Maximum power supply current: 1A

Program features: TDA7379x1 (bass + center) +TPA3116x1 (control other channels), MCU digital audio management

Product material: wooden box with PVC / front panel black piano paint

Audio decoding format: MP3, WMA, FLAC

Sound field mode: 5.1CH AC-3/DTS / independent volume adjustment

Adjustment mode: digital adjustment/full-function remote control adjustment

Input support: HD/optical/coaxial/Bluetooth/AC-3/USB/AUX

Output support: auxiliary subwoofer output interface

Microphone output: support two microphone connections/support direct karaoke

Frequency range: Left/Right/Surround/Center: 200Hz-20KHz +5% Bass: 55Hz- 250Hz +5%

Speaker unit: left/right channel: 3 inch 8 ohm 15W full frequency x2, 1 inch tweeter x1

Surround left/right channel: 3 inches 8 ohms 15W full frequency x2

Center channel: 3 inches 4 ohms 15W full frequency x2, 1-inch tweeter x1

Bass channel: 5.25 inch 4 ohms 30W low-frequency x2

Product size: 1098 x 236 x 165mm (length x height x depth)

Product gross weight: 19KG

Product net weight: 15KG


5.1 integrated cinema sound, 3D surround sound field, 6 independent channels, 15 array speakers.

IA-6120HD is matched with two microphone interfaces, which can be used directly for karaoke.

Support high-definition two in one out/optical coaxial, bluetooth, AC-3 input, USB, AUX etc.


Package Included:


1 x Speaker

1 x Power Cable

1 x 1 to 2 Cable

1 x 2 to 2 Cable

1 x Remote Control

1 x HD Cable

1 x Digital Optical Cable

1 x Wall-mounted Accessories

1 x User Manual