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Home Theatre System

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Product Specification


This machine has two microphone input channels. The overall design is based on room requirements. The Kara OK effect processor uses 24 bit. The 96 khz high-speed ADC DAC chip handles human voice effects, making the singing more natural and beautiful
MP3 player with USB stick and memory card, FM radio with automatic channel search function
Built-in MP3 player with infrared remote control receiving function
Built-in bluetooth Receiving Function
This machine has perfect protection measures
Output short circuit protection system
Overheat overload protection

Rated voltage: DC12V/AC 220V
Rated power: 50W+50W
Max power: 400W+400W
Resolution: 20-20 KHZ
Distortion rate: 0.4
Impedance: 4-16 ohms
Signal to noise ratio: ≥80dB
Effective frequency range: 20HZ-20KHZ
Input sensitivity: 150-300mv
Overload source electromotive force: ≥1.5V
Tone adjustment:
Degree of separation: ≥54dB
Crosstalk attenuation: ≥53dB
Channel gain difference: ≤1dB
Maximum noise: 6mV
MIC input sensitivity: 10mV
MIC overload source electromotive force: ≥350mV
MIC frequency response: 25Hz-15KHZ
Channel: 2.0 channel
Output connection: Left and right channel power output interface
Dimensions(mm): 200(L)X190(W)×55(H)
Attachment: Remote control
Package Included:

1 x bluetooth Amplifier
1 x Remote Control
1 x Manual