YJHIFI 5654 TPA3221 Preamplifier Digital Power Amplifier Dual Core Audio Amp for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Use imported 5654 tube

The main filter capacitor adopts the original imported 1000UF/50V

The resistors are high-precision chip resistors to ensure a good signal-to-noise ratio of the whole machine.

PCB adopts a 1.6mm thick double-sided board, 2.0 oz copper thickness, and a full tinning process to ensure the good passing performance of large and small currents.

The input and output use gold-plated RCA lotu seat, durable and beautiful.

The board wiring is reasonable, beautiful, and low noise

Bluetooth uses Qualcomms QCC3031 module to support sbc/aac

Bluetooth DAC uses PCM5102 to decode independently

Brand: YJHiFi

Model: Q1

Channel: 2

Output power: 200W+200W

Power supply: DC18-30V 7A (DC)

Net weight: 0.65KG

Output power: 210W+210W

Size: depth157x width126x height44MM (excluding tube height)

Package Included: 

1 x Power Amplifier