GEYA GYHC 25 Modular Contactor 2P 25A 2NO or 2NC or 1NO1NC 220V Automatic Household Contactor Din Rail Type for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


The new GYHC series modular contactor uses a new technology platform and apply automated production and testing equipment to create advanced ultra-quiet and long-life contactors. 
It can be used for remote control, Lighting, heating, ventilation, rolling curtains, public hot water, Mechanical ventilation system, Low inductive micro-inductive load environment. 
xLow power consumption 
The GYHC series modular contactor optimizes the electromagnetic system, greatly reducing the holding power of the contactor, and completely solving the problem of high energy consumption of traditional contactors. 
xLow noise 
Adopts a new design to improve product reliability. 60% of the production process is automated, and key processes throughout the process are monitored automatically. Eliminate the noise problems encountered in the operation of traditional contactors from the design and manufacturing process 
xSuper long life 
Electrical life greater than 100,000 times Mechanical life is more than 12,000,000 times 
x2NO: 2 Normally Open Contact
x1NO1NC: 1 Normally Open + 1 Normally Close Contact
x2NC: 2 Normally Close Contact

Package included:

1 x 220V Automatic Household Contactor