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Product Specification

Description :

Aqara Smart Curtain Motor Intelligent Zibee Wifi For Smart Home Device Wireless Remote Control Via Mi Home APP

Specification :

High-quality aluminum

Aqara curtain motor has passed the 3C certification , and the shell is made of high-quality aluminum , which is resistant to high temperature , impact and corrosion , and will last forever .

- Custom stop point

Try sliding the travel point in the APP , you can stop the curtain at the designated position , through the sensor control, you can also make different actions correspond to different opening and closing degrees .

- Touch and move

With a light pull , you can start the motor to automatically open and close the curtains . When the power fails at home , you can still open and close by hand like traditional curtains .

- Exclusive silent rail

Customized exclusive track , with sound insulation and noise reduction design , smooth and quiet during operation . (Tracks need to be purchased separately)


Size70 x 50 x 346 mm
Insulation class
Class A
Wireless connection
Weight1.5 KG
Working temperature
-20ÂdegresC - 55ÂdegresC
Input voltage110-220V , 50/60Hz
Ouput voltage13W
Working humidity10 - 90% RH , No condensation

Note :

- This product needs to be equipped with a device with Zibee gateway function . 

- Use (does not support the first generation of Mi multi-function gateways) .

- The product has two parts , motor and curtain track , and the motor can be used universally .

- This link only has a motoranddoes not include curtain tracks .

- This motor has to work with Xiaomi Gateway 2 or Aqara gateway,in order to achieve smart remote control function , which serves for other Xiaomi smart devices . Please download APP from the user manual's QR code( Download APP from the Apple Store or Google play) The product sent is an international version. Because every country has different plugs . The product is not equipped with a plug . We hope buyers can buy their own plugs .

Package included:

1 x Aqara Intelligent Curtain Motor