Fengmi Formovie Fresnel Ultra thin ALR Projection Screen 100 150 Inch With Eight layer Optical Precision Structure for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Formovie fresnel ultra-thin ALR projection screen 100-inch: ALR screen, small package size, and easysetup

0.5mm ultra-thin rollable diaphragms

Segmented frame makes assembly easy and hassle-free: The traditional hard screen usually takes 4 people to carry, which causes considerable inconvenience. We innovatively divide the 2.2-metter-long frame of the ALR screen into two to effectively reduce the difficulty of handing and make home installation much easier

Rollable fresnel ALR screen incorporates multiple innovative technologies

The eight-layer optical precision structure eliminates mirror reflection and ghosting. The screen adopts an eight-layer optical precision structure with a matte coating applied on its back layer to eliminates mirror reflection, ghosting and sun spots on the front to ensure a comfortable visual experience. The optical recision structure is patented by Appotronics

Theambient occlusion value exceeds 85%, which ensures a wonderful projection effect during the day

With around 98.2% screen-to-body ration, the endless stream of exciting pictures are fully presented

The metal frame is easy to maintain, stable and durable


Product name: Formovie fresnel ultra-thin ALR projection screen

Model: S10FFNN

Color: Mineral grey

Dimensions: 2232x1263x25mm

Outer packaging dimensions: 1660x415x245mm

Net weight: 12.4KG

Gross weight: 22.8KG

Material: Aluminnum alloy, PET

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Peak gain value: 1.0

Ambient occlusion value: >=85%

Viewing angle: 50Âdegres

Package Included:

1 x Formovie Fresnel Ultra-thin ALR Projection Screen(Other products are not included)