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Helmet Mask & Goggles

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Product Specification


1. When the arc is struck, the automatic blackening filter will change from the cleared state to the dark state, and the response time is less than1/25000S.

2. Automatic blackening welding helmet Under normal welding conditions, the helmet protects the eyes and face from sparks, splashes and harmful radiation.

3. Lithium battery with spare solar energy.

4. Sufficient mask space and very safe structure.

5. Suitable for higher welding operating temperatures.

6. Welding or grinding options.

7. The number and sensitivity of the outer curtain are adjustable, which makes the operator more convenient in operation.

8. Large window size for easy viewing.

9. The right and left hands can choose the appropriate ladder.

10. When the light from the welding is detected, the auto darkening lens will automatically dim to its selected shadow number.


Mask material: PP

Screen size: 3.86"X1.73"

Size: 30 x 23 x 20cm/11 x 9 x 7Inch(L x W x H)

Response time: 1/25000S

Dark state adjustment mode: External adjustment, stepless adjustment

Power supply: A lithium battery that uses a solar backup power supply

Package Included:

1 x Welding helmet