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Product Specification

Free debugging medical grade blood glucose detector
Measurement range and unit: 1.1-33.3mmol/L (20-600mg/dL), the unit is mmol/L
Measurement time: 9 seconds
Accuracy: deviation is about 15% to 20%(All blood glucose meters are not absolutely correct, only relatively correct international standards. Some incorrect operations during the measurement process will also affect the accuracy of the results)
Measure the required blood sample: 1μl  
Memory capacity: 100 test results, accurately record blood glucose test
Biosensor technology is capable of drawing blood samples from fingertips.
Power: A CR2032 3.0V button battery

Package Included:
Type A:
1 x Blood glucose tester
1 x blood collection pen
1 x PU bag

Type B:
25 x special supporting test paper
25 x blood collection needle

Eviation of the testing result maybe caused by the Improper operation, diet or the emotion changes. And the test error of the blood glucose meter was less than 15% which had no effect on the treatment of the patients.