300mAH Intelligent Noise Reduction Hearing Aids Rechargeable Ear Left /Right Hearing Aid for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification



Hearing Aid


As shown in the picture



Maximum OSPL90

≤120dB+-/ 3dB

Harmonic Distortion


Frequency Range

450-5000 Hz

Sound Gain

>= 36dB +/- 5dB

Input Noise

≤29dB+-/ 3dB



Charging Time

About 1.5 hours when fully charged

Use Time

About 20 hours of work


2 months


â–²Volume Adjustment. Adjust the volume to the minimum before wearing.

â–²Open TWS rechargeable. Equipped with a charging box, which can charge the device anytime and anywhere (the charging box has a built-in battery)

â–²Easy to use. One-key operation, very easy to use and large adjustable buttons, which are convenient for the elderly to use.

â–²Behind the ear style. Ergonomic design behind the ear style, comfortable to wear, not easy to fall.

â–²Automatic background noise cancellation technology. It can greatly reduce noise and provide high-definition sound quality

â–²Noise Filtering and Elimination Technology. Crystal clear sound quality, automatic background noise elimination technology

â–²Automatic noise reduction function. Built-in air-conducting horn, precise and effective sound control, reduce noise, and obtain a clearer listening effect.

â–²Automatic feedback can celler. Frequency control of unique environment

â–²Multifunctional BTE Hearing Aid. Impact resistance, drop resistance, and durability, suitable for the elderly and people with hearing loss, very suitable for helping to hear outside sounds again and restore confidence.

Package Included:

1 x Sound Amplifier (optional left ear/right ear)

1 x Charging Compartment

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Manual

3 x Earplugs of Different Sizes

1 x USB Data Cable