2L Household Portable Oxygen Generator Remote Control Atomizing Oxygenator Atomization Machine for the Elderly Oxygen Inhaler Real Time Digital Display for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

2L Household Portable Oxygen Generator Atomizing Oxygenator Oxygen Atomization Machine for the Elderly Oxygen Inhaler

1. Large screen touch, with remote control function: the machine can be operated remotely;
2. It has the function of regular shutdown, which can broadcast by voice and is easy to use;
3. It can release negative oxygen ions: improve alveolar ventilation function and enhance oxygen absorption rate;
4. Pure copper oil-free double cylinder compressor with thermal protector to better ensure the safety of the compressor and the whole machine;
5. Lithium molecular sieve imported from France makes oxygen production more stable;
6. 1-7L large flow is adjustable, and the concentration can reach 93% Âmore or less 3 at 1L;
7. Oxygen production and atomization are integrated, with more comprehensive functions.
8. 72 hours of continuous work

Model: BOXYM-101W
Color: White
Capacity: 2L
Oxygen concentration: 90%-96%
Power mode: Alternating current
Size: 391x296x252mm
Gross weight: 7.5kg/8.5kg
Plug: 110V US Plug/220V EU Plug

Package included:
1x Oxygenator
1x Power cord
1x Nasal oxygen tube
1x Filter
1x Atomizer device
1x Remote control
1x Fuse tube
1x Instructions Manual