UGREEN 5 bays Hard Drive Docking Station 2 5 3 5 SATA HDD SSD External 8 RAID Hard Drive Array Dock USB3 0 Hard Disk Base for Sale with BTC on


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HDD SSD Enclosures

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Product Specification



x Brand: UGREEN

x Model: CM463

x Name: 5-bays aluminum alloy hard disk array cabinet

x Chip: JMS576+JMB393 dual core

x Shell material: aluminum alloy

x Applicable hard disk: 2.5 / 3.5 inch SATA hard disk

x Data cable: Type-C to C + USB two in one, 1m

x Supported systems: windows, Linux, Mac OS

Power supply interface: DC12 / 8A 

x RAID modes: RAID0/1/3/5/10/PM/ LARGE/ CLONE

x Size: 235 x205 x 142mm




Aluminum alloy body, fast heat dissipation.

8 RAID modes, multiple personalized storage.

x Support S.M.A.R.T function and TRIM instruction.

x Automatic sleep without operation for 15 minutes.

x 5Gbps high-speed transmission, 1G file transmission in 3 seconds.

x Five disks support 90TB mass storage, and a single disk supports 18TB.

x Engineering level dual master JMS576+JMB393, faster and more stable transmission.


Package Included:

1 x 5-bays Hard Drive Docking Station

1 x Type-C to C + USB two in one cable

1 x Power adapter

Please note:

-The plug of this router is CN plug, and gipsybee will send the free correct plug adapter that suitable for your country in the shipping address if necessary.