USB3 0 USB C to SATA III Cable External Hard Drive Converter SATA 22Pin 2 in 1 SSD HDD Adapter support UASP for 2 5 HDD SSD for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


1. Type: USB to SATA III cable

2. Interface: USB3.0 + USB C, SATA 22 pin

3. Transmission speed: Max to 600M/s

4. UASP: Support



1. A small adapter to meets different computer needs. Equipped with USB A to USB C adapter.

2. Support UASP, an advanced transmission technology. UASP performs up to 70% faster read speeds and 40% faster write speeds than traditional USB3.0

3. Support 2.5 inch, SATA SSD hard drive.

4. LED lights, USB3.0, intelligent chip, plug and play, convenient and quick.

5. Driver free, simple operation. Connect your SATA III or 2.5'' HDD to laptop / desktop directly. Doesn't support 3.5'' HDD or CD-ROM.

6. Max 600M/s transmission speed makes it possible to transfer or backup batch files faster than ever before.

7. Backward compatible with SATA II (3.0Gbps) and SATA (1.5Gbps).


Only available for notebook hard drive and SSD, not available for 3.5 inch deskbook HHD

Package Included:

1 X USB to SATA III cable