Powkiddy RGB20S 80GB 15000 Games Retro Handheld Game Console for NDS MAME MD N64 PS1 FC 3 5 inch IPS HD Screen Portable Linux System Pocket Video Game Player for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Handheld Game Console

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Product Specification


System Open source linux
Games Support MAME, N64, PS, CP3, NEOGEO, GBA, NES, SFC, MD, NDS and other simulators
Display Screen size 3.5 inch IPS OCA full fit
Resolution 640*480
Display capability High-speed ST7703 chip + gamma 2.2
Master CPU ARM quad-core high-performance open source chip
WIFI External WIFI Support external dual-band 2.4 & 5G
External storage TF1-OS 16GB
Sound Built-in cavity speaker 2W
Power supply Built-in lithium battery 3500mAH
input power 5V2A
Maximum power consumption 5W
battery life 8 hours
charging time 2 hours
Interface TYPE-C fast charging support
OTG-USB support
earphone Standard 3.5MM
Size 120 x 83 x 20.8MM (body) - (trigger 29MM)


3.5 inch 4:3 HD 640*480P IPS-LCD OCA full lamination screen

Dual TF card independent system and game storage design, no need to copy the game to upgrade the system

Using high-performance quad-core 64Bit A53 CPU, Mali-G31 GPU, FPS perfect 60HZ operation

Support open source system, any upgrade, compatible with mainstream 64-bit 3D simulator 6.3D joystick, real spring trigger LR key

Using 2.5A fast charging chip, it can charge for 1 hour and play games for 4 hours. 8. Tiger style layout: double joystick - double ears, double S - double eyes, LR - tiger feet, speaker - tiger king"

Size 120*83*20.8MM (body) - (trigger 29MM)

Game emulator: MAME, N64, PS, CP3, NEOGEO, GBA, NES, SFC, MD, NDS and other emulators

Display: 3.5 inch IPS OCA full lamination

Resolution: 640x480P

CPU: ARM quad-core high-performance open source chip


External storage: (dual card slot)

System card: 16GB

Game card: 64GB

Games: Preinstalled 15000 games

Speaker: 2W

Power supply: Built-in 3500mAH lithium battery

Input power: 5V 2A

Maximum power consumption: 5W

Battery life: 8 hours

Charging time: 2 hours

Interface: TYPE-C fast charging

Support OTG-USB

Support headset: standard 3.5MM

Package Included:

1 x Powkiddy RGB20S Game Console

1 x Charging Cable

1 x User Manual