JIMI GTW5N Network Cable Pliers 5 In 1 Rj45 Crimp Tool Pass Through Modular CAT6 Lan Tester Set for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Product Name: JIMI Home Network Tools Set
Model: JM-GW5N
Product Size(About): 227.5 x 129.2 x 57.3mm
Product Weight: 776g

- Safety Lock Design
  Patent lock design, protect users, use more assured.
  (China Patent No. 202021276568.3)
- Soft Adhesive Handle:
  The handle is made of independently designed soft glue, which is comfortable to hold and wear resistant to slip.
- Two-in-one Multi-function
  Network cable/telephone line dual functions; Automatic scanning, two speed options.
- Remote Detection Split Design
  The main and auxiliary machines are easy to separate, and the remote test is convenient and quick.
- 3 In 1 Function of Cutting, Stripping and Pressing
  8P, 6P and 4p Network cables can be pressed, a variety of functions can cope with the production of cable in the process of various situations.

How To Use The Lock?
Hold the handle and press the lock button to lock it;
Hold the handle and release it to unlock

Package Included:
1 Pc x Network Cable Plier
1 Pc x Network Tester(Use 9V Battery, Without Battery)
1 Pc x Wire Stripper
20 Pcs x Rj45 Cat6 Connector