Portable Mini Flower Paper Soap Slice Case Random Color Body Hands Washing Bath Confetti Dish Foaming for Travel Cleaning

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Hand Care

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Product Specification


 Brand new and high quality.
Practical and beautiful, suitable for wedding / Patty / gift of guest gifts
This product can be used to wash hands, washing machine, bath, first with warm water to moist full skin, use soap powder paper wiping repeatedly, rub the bubble after washing, wash, make oil full of absorb Through the skin, then rinse.
Bathroom: bathtub, launched the amount of soap, can enjoy the bath, rose the romance, make you feel fresh.
Rinse with water after bathing


 Size:14cm x 2.6 cm/5.5 x 1.02" (approx)
Color: As the picture shows, random color
Scope: Children under 3 years of age is not appropriate, other ages can be used.
Quantity: 1 PCS

Package Includs:

 1 x Paper Soap
Detail Pictures: