Outdoor 360 Rotating Ejecting Lawn Water Spray Head Sprinkler 5 0 15 2 Meter Radius for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Outdoor 360° rotating ejecting lawn water spray head sprinkler 5.0-15.2 meter radius

Type: P op-up spray head sprinkler
Color: Black
Material: ABS plastic
Thread Size: 3/4 inch
Spray Radius: 5.0-15.2 Meters
Angle: 40°-360°
- P op-Up spray head sprinkler designed for low flow and low pressure watering conditions.
- 3/4 inch integrated sprinkler, automatic rotation.
- Long lasting p op-up impact sprinkler provides heavy-duty performance particularly in heavy mineral water conditions , such as hard water and well water.
- Simple, straight through-flow design for superior performance in dirty water.
- Heavy-duty stainless-steel retract spring for reliable p op-up and retraction.
- 12 Pcs replaceable water spray hole. Can be changed to control the flow rate of the sprayed water to achieve the effect of saving water resources.
Package Included:
1 Pc x P op-up Spray Head Sprinkler
12 Pcs x Replaceable Water Spray Hole

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