N10 Handheld GPS Anti Tracker CDMA GSM DCS 2G 3G 4G WIFI BD Various Hertz Country Customized

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Product Specification

1. Cooling fan, can be used directly in the car, car charger and AC charger.
2. All by the latest patch components and integrated circuit, the use of simple, stable performance.
3. Easy to carry hidden, low power consumption, no damage to the human body and environment protection.
4. The body can have a clear visual part of the power indicator, side by side with a separate switch control key.
5. The surface used the most advanced international oxidation treatment, the use of aluminum shell, good heat dissipation.
6 The effective shielding distance radius of 1-15 meters, the signal intensity of interference radius still depends on the specific region.


Total weight
AC adapter(AC100 ~ 240 V~ DC 12V)
Size of Host Machine
165 X 97 X 45 mm
Parking dimensions
240 X 250 X 69 mm
Power supply
5.0~6.0 Hz, 10.0~240 V AC

Performance index:

4G: 700 MHz    3G:2000MHz BD/GPS:1200 MHz
CDMA:800 MHz 3G:2100 MHz GPS:1500 MHz
GSM: 900 MHz WIFI:2400 MHz VHF:135 MHz
DCS: 1800 MHz 4G: 2300 MHz UHF: 470 MHz
PHS: 1900 MHz 4G: 2600 MHz 5.8G: 5800. MHz
5G:2600 MHz 5G: 3400 MHz 5G:4800Mhz

Package included:
1 X
 Anti-tracker(built-in Li-battery)
1 X
 AC/DC Adapter
1 X
 Hanging Rope
1 X
 Car Charger
10 X