K68 Automatic Surveillance Debug Car GPS Signal Jammer Detector

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Product Specification

- Frequency rage: IMHZ - 8000MHZ
- Detection dynamic range: >73DB
- Detection sensitivity: ?0.03mv (main frequency band)
- Detection range:
2.4G : 10 square meters (standard 10mw)
1.2G: 15 square meters (standard 10mw)
Mobile phone band 2G. 3G. 4G signal: 15 square meters
- 10-level digital tube, buzzer, vibrator indication
- Power: Built-in 1200mA  Polymer lithium battery, full charge time 3 hours
- Working current: 80-150mA  Continuous working time: 8-10hours
- Material: ABS plastic  Weight: 167g
- Volume: 138mm X 60mm X 28mm

K68 detector is built with military quality. A new type of LED display is added, which can more accurately indicate the strength of the signal source. The intelligent detection mode after the product upgrade opens a new chapter of intelligence, which is efficient and convenient. 

Package included:
1 X Manual
1 X Antenna 1
1 X The Host 1
1X The Magnetic Probe 1