DEAOKE TK202 6400Mah Miniature Positioning Anti theft GPS Tracker Wireless Strong Magnetic

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Product Specification

?Type1: 6400 mah(202A)
?Type2: 5000mah(202B)
Material: high quality plastic
Model: TK202
Memory: 512 (M)
GPS positioning accuracy: 10 (m)
Alarm mode: fence alarm, overspeed alarm, power failure alarm, SOS alarm, mobile alarm
Dimensions: 31 * 43 * 74 (mm)
Battery type: lithium battery
Battery life: 720 (h)
Waterproof function: Yes
Antenna type: built-in
External power supply form: external battery
Map function: Yes
Resolution: 1280
Interface text: English / Chinese
Type: gps locator
Frequency: 4
?Accuracy: 5 meters
Coordinate dual display function: yes
?Command List:
Initializationbegin+passwordbegin123456begin ok
Set GMT time zone numbertime zone+password+space+local time zonetime zone123456 8time zone OK
set authorized numberadmin+password+space+phone umber admin123456 13813813813admin ok
cancel authorized numbernoadmin+password+space+phone umber  noadmin123456 13813813813noadmin OK
SOS alarm long press the SOS,After set up the authorization number
route recordgpx+passwordGpx123456Gpx ok
(need tf card)t001m***n+passwordt001m***n123456tn ok
battery checkcheck+passwordcheck123456
IMEI checkIMEI+passwordIMEI123456IMEI number
Switch to the SMS modeSMS+passwordSMS123456SMS Ok
Switch to the GPRS modegprs+passwordgprs123456GPRS OK
change passwordpassword+old pass+space+new passpassword123456 888888password ok
Restore default Settingsreset+passwordreset123456reset ok
?Four Work Module:
Four work modules can switch each other via sms command or app 
1: Vibration saving power mode(default work): the work time depend on your shock device time,beause once static ,it will go to sleep,obtain vibration will auto wake up.
2: Single position mode:  the work time longer than the vibration saving mode,beause this no matter move or static ,it always sleep, only receive a requirment that location ,it will auto wake up ,then go sleep again.
3:Emergency real -time mode: this work time is the shortest,beause it auto wake up all the time.
4:SMS mode(close gprs): this is the biggest save mode,can work long time.
?Web Platform and APP:
pls note the IMEI number that attachment in device ,choice the IMEI/ID to login,
user: IMEI number 
pass:123456 (default,you can change after you login)
web platform :  www.gps110.org
APP name:    DAGPS
?Paqckage Included:
?1 X GPS Tracker
1 X Manual
1 X USB Cable
1 X Magnet
1 X Glue Pad
??1 X Auxiliary Needle