Double Tube Automatic Electric Caulking Machine Heat Hot Melt Filling Sealing Glue Guns W/ 1/2 Battery for Sale with BTC on


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Glue Gun

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Product Specification

  Main Features:
【Efficient heat dissipation】Efficient heat dissipation, effectively prevent burning machine.

【Stepless speed adjustment gear】Uniform thrust, can easily control the speed according to the need, can also choose to play while adjusting.

【Self-locking switch button】A switch that controls the operation function of the trigger.

【LED light】The area is illuminated and the construction is quick, convenient and easy to glue.

Automatic return to the machine discharge, stop the automatic return to the machine discharge and back to prevent the leakage of glue drops.

【Thickened rubber buffer push piece】Rubber protection piece can increase the buffer, improve the service life of push rod and internal gear.

【Ergonomic Design】Engineered to deliver materials smoothly and precisely,it is easy to use and produces great results.The handle is made of ergonomics ABS plastic which is comfortable for long time using.

【Widely Application】Suitable for balcony doors and windows,bathtub and air conditioning hole. Ideal for caulking, filling, sealing and insulating small gaps.




Color: Green

Plug: US Plug, EU Plug(Option)

Battery quantity: 1pc, 2pcs(Option)

Battery capacity: 2Ah

Full charge time: 3 hours

Max. Propulsion: 680±50KG

Feed: 6.9 mm/s

Stroke: 355 mm

Length: 660 mm

Type of glass adhesive: Structural glue and filling glue

Product size: 35.5x7x23cm/14x2.8x9''


  Package Contents

1 x Electric sewing glue machine

1 x / 2 x Battery(Option)

1 x Adapter

1 x Accessory kit

1 x Box




1. When the temperature is lower than 20 degrees, be sure to heat the glue and heat it in hot water at 60-70 degrees for ten minutes. The electric glue machine is a substitute for the manual glue machine to help you save time and effort. The force is continuous and the thrust is large. In order to prevent the leaking of the tube from bursting, we have set a protection program. When the thrust is too large, it will automatically retreat. Do not apply hard glue. Heat the hose to reduce the resistance of the glue.

2. In order to prevent glue leakage, please keep the front push piece slightly swinging to a certain extent. If there is glue on the push piece, wipe it in time to avoid the push piece being solidified by the glue and cannot swing.

3. If glue is stained on the screw raceway, wipe it in time to prevent the glue from entering the main structure of the machine (a cloth can be dipped in a small amount of alcohol to wipe)

4. After using for a period of time, you can apply a little bit of butter on the screw raceway for maintenance (do not add liquid lubricants such as engine oil)