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Product Specification

- Anti-planing board: can prevent the waste caused by planing.
- Added beveled lower shell plate to prevent the accumulation of chaff.
- Anti-blocking gap.
- Added small hooks to adjust height.
- Trumpet is suitable for pearl bird, etc. (2 tiger skins can be eaten for 20-30 days)
- Medium size is suitable for peony, big head, myna bird etc. (2 peony birds can eat for about a month)
- Large size is suitable for little sun, monk, myna bird etc. (2 Xuanfeng birds can eat for about 40 days)

- Material: high quality plastic
- Color: Transparent
- Size: S, M, L
- Capacity: 500g(S), 750g(M), 1000g(L)
- Anti-planing board openings: 2.8x2.8cm (S), 3.5x3.5cm (M), 4x4cm (L)

Package Included:
1x Automatic Bird Feeder