Suture Practice Module Silicone Wound Suturing Pad Human Skin Training Model Set

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Product Specification

- Basic training in surgical operation related to incision and suture.
- Including: cutting, various suture techniques, knotting, cutting and removing.
- Use advanced non-toxic < virtual skin > material suture exercise board, highly simulated skin layer, fat layer and muscle layer.
- Practice feeling and visual effects that are realistic and can be cut and sewn at any location at different depths.
- The toughness and characteristics of human skin can be used by primary surgeons to practice skin suture.
- The portable design makes it convenient for simulation training.

- Material: Silicone
- Application: Teaching demonstrations
- Size: Approx. 18x10x2.8cm/7.1x3.9x1.1''

Package Included:
- 1 x Skin Suture Practice Pad

- This Suture Practice Kit is intended for teaching demonstrations or educational purposes only.
- It's non-sterile and not intended for personal care, patients or animals surgery.