5PCS 20 30 50ML Empty Dropper Bottle Portable Amber Essential Oil Glass Perfume Massage Pipette Bottles Refillable Bottles

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Product Specification

Item type: Glass Refillable Container
Color: Gold
Material: Glass
Capacity: 20 ml, 30 ml, 50ml
Usage: Use to load essential oil, vegetable oil, essence, perfume, etc.
Measurement Details in the attached picture.

-Easy to use and clean.
-Perfectly Refillable Container for Essential Oils, Cleaning Agents, Aromatherapy or Other Liquids.
-Safe and handy packaging for travel. Easily fits in your wallet.
-Amber Glass protects against harmful UV rays.
-Reusable glass prevents plastic odors and chemicals from leaching into the bottle contents.
-Make your own DIY products so that you know exactly what you are using.

Package included:
5x Glass Refillable Container