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Product Specification

Glass sand core vacuum filter device for chemical analysis, sanitary inspection, environmental monitoring, biological products, product industry, scientific research, etc., for filtering particles and bacteria.
Such as oilfield water injection, analysis of suspended solids concentration, membrane filtration coefficient, particle diameter and sterility test, culture bacteria sterilization filtration.
The sterilization and filtration of heat-sensitive drugs can achieve the purpose of aseptic, as well as the analysis and determination of aviation kerosene, hydraulic oil, high-purity reagents and water quality.
Name: Glass sand core vacuum filter
Material: Borosilicate glass 3.3
Accepted Bottle Capacity: 1000ml
Filter Hole: 40mm
Filter Eyelet Size: 10μm
- Borosilicate Glass, Stable Material, High Temperature Corrosion Resistance
Borosilicate glass has excellent chemical and physical properties. The primary hydrolyzed glass has a linear expansion coefficient of 3.3. It is a typical glass for chemical instruments. It can be autoclaved and can be sterilized at 180 °C in dry heat. It can be used up to 200 ° C, chemically resistant to most water solvents and organic solvents, acid and corrosion resistant;
- Dust Cover, Connector and Rubber Tube
The dust cover can effectively prevent foreign matter and dust from entering the filter cup during use, and the PTFE joint is better sealed with the rubber tube;

- Stainless Steel Clips
The use of high quality springs for longer life and stronger grip;
- Funnel Filter Cup With Filter Membrane;
- Sand Core Filter for More Precise Filtration.
Package Included:
1 Pcs x Dust Cover
1 Pcs x Connector
1 Pcs x Rubber Tube
1 Pcs x Funnel Filter Cup
1 Pcs x Sand Core Filter
1 Pcs x Triangular Liquid Collection Bottle
1 Pcs x Stainless Steel Clip