Deli A619 12Pcs Netural Pen Set 0.35mm Enhanced Needle Nib Colorful Shell Gel Pen Student Writing Notes Taking Signing Pen Black Ink For School Office for Sale with BTC on


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Gel Pen

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Product Specification


1. Reinforced Needle Nib: Enhanced Upgrading Needle Pen, smooth ink output, smooth writing, increase the pressure resistance of the pen, writing stability, increase the resistance to fall, drop resistant pen, not easy to skew

2. The ink dries smoothly and quickly without leaking: A new generation of ink, ink smoothness, viscosity, adhesion, saturation, etc. once again to improve the quality of writing!


Brand: Deli

Model: A619

Nib: 0.35mm

Quantity: 12Pcs

Ink Color: Black

Package Included:

12 x Netural Pen