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Product Specification


Name: Air Cooler
Model: F47298
Color: White/Black
Wind speed gear: one night light / second gear fan
Low noise: as low as 36dB (A)
600m3/h high air volume
1800ml/h large evaporation
Water tank capacity: 150ml integrated water tank for cool and humid for 8 hours
Material: ABS
Current: 300mA
Negative ion working power: 1W
Ion concentration: 1X10 PCS/cm
Ozone concentration: <0.03ppm
Product size: 151X150X171mm


--Brushless motor with high speed and low noise, stable and quiet 4 blade design, soft sound and low noise, wind and sound clear does not affect sleep
--After precise operation, the cold air is released, and the temperature is accelerated by 3-10 °C. The private space can be kept cool for 25 °C for a long time.
--A set of fans, humidifiers, purification and cooling integrated cooling fans. One machine and open top watering design, easy to operate
Waterless state can be used as a fan
Add water to use when humidifying
Add water + ice crystal state to double the cool
-- One million bonds to release millions of negative ions, easy to enjoy a healthy and clean air environment

Package Included:

1xAir-conditioning fan

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