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Product Specification

Note: The product display is only 2.8 inches, as shown in the picture below.


6 In 1 Air Quality Tester: Come and try this new type multifunctional air quality tester, compared with other air quality tester, this tester can testing PM2.5, PM10, HCHO, TVOC, CO and CO2 for you at the same time.
Portable Size: This monitor is small in size and you can use it on your desk without taking up too much desk space, also easy for you to carry.
Wide Applications: This CO2 monitor can be used in your home, office, destop, hotel and other places.
Built-in Multiple Sensors: This air quality monitor using infrared detection technology, laser detection technology and electrochemical detection technology to show you the accurate data.
Four Color Alarm: There are four different color to show the different qualities of the air being monitored: The green means the air quality is well and the colors ranging from yellow to orange to red mean worse air quality.
Temperature Units Conversion: The temperature units can be switch between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit and when the monitoring data exceeds the standard, sound will be emitted to indicate.


Product model: PM2.5/PM10/HCHO/TVOC/CO/CO2
Color: black, white (optional)
PM2.5: 0-999ug/m3
PM10: 0-999ug/m3
HCHO: 0-9.999 mg/m3
TVOC: 0-9.999 mg/m3
CO: 0-1000 PPM
CO2: 400-5000 PPM
Detection technology: semiconductor /Infrared/electrochemical detection technology
Proper temperature: 0~70℃
Display mode: LCD screen+backlight
Operating voltage: 5V
Sensor: PM2.5 sensor/semiconductor sensor/electrochemical sensor
Recharging method: USB 500mA Type-c interface
Battery: 1 * lithium battery, 1200mAh (included)
Product size: 70 x 90 x 35mm
Net weight: 140g
Package size: 118 x 115 x 48mm
Gross weight: 200g

Package included:

1 x 6 In 1 Air Quality Monitor