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Product Specification

Material: Rubber Foam+self-adhesive glue
Color: Black
Recommended Install Temperature: -10°C ~ +60°C
Resistance Temperature Range: -40°C ~ +149°C
Waterproof & fire resistant: Yes
Thickness:Approx. 6mm/0.24''
Size: Approx.1M*0.8M/39.37''*31.5''

1. Flexible, crush resistant, non-toxic & fragrance free (Will not smell), creates a mold and mildew
    resistant vapor barrier.
2. Can make the heat of the engine evenly distributed to avoid overheating the lid.
3. Keeps your interior cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
4. Effectively blocks 97% of radiant heat transfer.
5. Reduces unwanted sound and most vibrations.
6. Easily installs,fit all kinds of vehicle type Self sticking backing & Waterproof.
7. According to the effect you want choose construction program, only single Soundproof/Damping Plate or
     single Heat & Noise Insulation Cotton or Both them
1. Clean the dust and oil which cover the place you want to.
2. Trim engine cover size well before the coherence.
3. Remove the isolation paper and stick the heat insulation pad in the engine covers.
4. Finally press it evenly,especially pay attention to nearby the concave-convex position.
Package included:
1 x Sound Deadener

Product material is for the flame retardant material, but please do not use the fire for a long time
to burn the product and put the product to the gas stove to burn, because the cotton with
self-adhesive glue,the self-adhesive glue are not flame retardant, and the car can not reach the
fire conditions , Once the fire conditions in addition to metal parts in addition to metal items
can fire any fire, it is recommended that owners do not secretly install electronic appliances,
the correct use of cars.