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Product Specification

1. PP cotton filter
-Pretreatment of incoming raw water, effective filtration of sediments, suspended solids, colloids, impurities, etc. in water, large filtration area and dirt absorption, good filtration effect and long service life
-Recommend replace every 3-6 months (varies depend on the water source quality)
2. Cocoanut active charcoal
Deeply adsorbed in water, odor, residual chlorine, organic substances and other harmful substances, long-term compressed activated carbon and a high dirt-absorbing mesh structure, the filter service life has double filtration performance
3. Ultrafiltration membrane filter
Filter core has ultrafiltration micropores of less than 0.0 micrometers, which effectively hold suspended solids greater than 0.01 microns in water, colloids, particles and other impurities, and is the core of ultrafiltration.
-Recommend replace every 24-36 months (varies depend on the water source quality)
4. Post-activated carbon
-It can remove odor, residual fluorine, pigment, benzene, carotene, petroleum, heavy metal ion, and discharge quality function to prevent secondary pollution.
-Recommend replace every 6-12 months (varies depend on the water source quality)
5. Mineralization energy
-Rich in human trace element, make human cells and tissues more dynamic, and promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, and into and out of the body waste.
-Recommend replace every 24-36 months (varies depend on the water source quality)

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Package Included:

1 X

PP cotton filter

1 X

Cocoanut active charcoal

1 X

Ultrafiltration membrane filter

1 X

Post-activated carbon

1 X

Mineralization energy