8X Diopter 120 LED Magnifying Floor Stand Lamp Magnifier Glass Cold Light Lens Facial Light For Beauty Salon Nail Tattoo for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Floor Lamps

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Product Specification

-8X Clear and illuminating magnifying lens with protective cover.
-360°free rotation, multi-angle illumination, you can adjust the height of the light source and the lighting range according to your needs.
-UK Plug/ EU Plug 1/ EU Plug 2/ US Plug1/ US Plug2 are available. Customers can choose different type of plug according to their need.
-Applying semiconductor light-emitting technology, long service life, stable luminous efficiency, no flicker, no glare.

Product model: Telescopic tube LED manual magnifier
Magnifying lens: 127M
Number of M lamp beads: 120 beads
Product function: lighting fill light
Height adjustable
Color: white
Scope of application: beauty, manicure, eyelashes, tattoo
Packing Size: 46.5*14*34cm
UK Plug/ EU Plug 1/ EU Plug 2/ US Plug1/ US Plug2

Package Included:
1 * Lamp
1 * Instruction