[From Xiaomi Youpin] FED 3M Adjustable Jump Rope Skipping Rope Battle Rope Comba Fitness Rope Home Gym Boxing Weightlifting

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Product Specification




Product Name

 double bearing adjustable wire rope skipping

Product model


Handle size

 163.5mm * 16mm

Rope size

 3M * 2.5mm

Handle material

 aluminum alloy, silica gel

Rope material

 PVC, steel wire


- Jump up and have fun

FED double bearing adjustable racing wire skipping rope, so that the fun of jumping and fitness burning fat coexist.

- Self-locking design, convenient adjustment and safety

The two ports of the jump rope grip are equipped with self-locking design, which is convenient to adjust the length and easily fix both ends of the jump rope.

- Double bearing process, use smoothly

The double steel ball bearing which is embedded in the rope holder has obtained the utility model patent, which makes it smooth and flexible when used, which adds to the rope skipping experience.

- Silicone grip, stable and non-slip

Silicone grip design, comfortable and anti-slip, strengthen the grip, prevent the use of out of hand, help you to achieve a better state of motion.

- Wire rope body, using the center of gravity, not easy to tie

Built-in wire rope, outsourcing PVC material coat, when using, the center of gravity is not easy to be stable

- Durable, more secure protection

The product is equipped with a protective sleeve to protect the skipping rope, which is fitted into the steel wire rope body for durable wear resistance.

Products include:

2 x Handle

2 x Rope

1 x Instruction manual

1 x Transparent PVC anti abrasion pipe

1 x Carrying bag pocket