PC Case Fan Cable Big 4Pin to 4Pin Fan One Point Four 1 To 4 Extension Cable For Computer for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification



[Product name] Big 4Pin to 4Pin fan one-to-four extension cable [This interface can be used for 3Pin and 4Pin]
[Product length] 30cm
[Conductor material] Silver-plated oxygen-free refined copper
[Rated temperature] -60+200 degrees
[Product voltage] 12V
[Wire color] silver white
[Product interface] One end is a large 4Pin D-type connector for the power supply, and the other four ends are a fan 4Pin interface
[Product function] Make the computer motherboard CPU fan use the big 4Pin interface to supply power


1. Suitable for CPU plug (3Pin/4Pin) is not enough, or the motherboard 3Pin/4Pin interface current is not enough, etc. Mainly to extend and expand the motherboard 3Pin/4Pin interface.

2. This wire is a 4Pin interface, and 4 wires can actually be used. Because the big 4Pin interface only has power supply, only 2 wires are needed, so only two wires are used.

Package Included:

1x PC Case Fan Extension Cable