M 2 NVME Aluminum Heatsink NGFF PCI E 2280 SSD Cooling Fan Fin Cooler W/ Thermal Pad for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Brand: JEYI
Name: m.2 Disk Cooling Device
Model: Cool Warship
Support Equipment: m.2 Discs,Such as NVME NGFF and Other Discs

Main Advantages:
Patented Thermal Structure Design, Easy Installation, Solid, Double-sided Large Area of Strong Heat Dissipation,
Dust-proof ,CNC For Seiko Create, Good Heat Dissipation!

The Installation of this Product Will Increase the Installation Height of 8mm,Please Confirm that there is Enough Upper Space to Install;
This Product is only a Cooling Device,Not including the Description of the Disc and Other Products.

Package Include:
1 x JEYI Cooling Warship Fans Cooling