Jonsbo NC 3 RGB Colorful Backlit Aluminium Mg Alloy Memory Cooling Clamp Heatsink Computer Memory Cooler for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


1. Item: Memory Cooling Heatsink
2. Color: Red/White/Black
3. Material: Aluminum Mg Alloy
4. Backlit: RGB
5. Size: 14cmx4.2cm/5.5''x1.7''


1. RGB light, 256 colors changed automatically
2. Support short memory/high memeory
3. Support high RAM with chips on single sides/both sides
4. Adopt Bilateral aluminum Mg alloy material, help the cooling 
5. With small 4 pin motherboard port to connect more ports
6. With small 3 pin motherboard port to power supply

Package Included:

1 * Memory Cooling Clamp
2 * Thermal paste
1 * EVA increase the thickness for single-clip memory
1 * bag of spare installation accessory
1 * installation manual